Jewelry is one common thread that all nationalities share an interest in.  Be it the jewels of the the Crown Heads of Europe to the Trade (Glass) Beads that were used as currency between the 16th and 17th century. 

In some countries a woman is known for her wealth by the jewelry, gold, or beads that she wears.

Today, men and women enjoy expressing their unique character by the type of jewelry that they wear.

This site is dedicated to the person who has a distinctive flair and does not mind walking on the edge when it comes to definining their unique style.

The jewelry that is found on this site is hand made and one of a kind.  If you see a design, but want another color or type of stone, please feel free to contact me at cynthia@cynrichdesigns.com.  I would love to design something that is uniquely "You".

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New Design Styles For Spring and Summer Cold!!!!

Everyone is wearing paracord bracelets these days.  They are not just for survival or camping they are fun fashion.  Worn by both men and women they can be dressed up or dressed down.  Paracord Bracelets can represent your local or national sports team, sorority, fraternity, the Armed Services or First Responders.

They can also be blinged up and adorned with gems, beads or stones.  Check out Cynthia's Does Paracord for the newest designs.  If you have an idea for a Paracord Design please feel free to Email Me"Your Design is My Desire".
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