• Coral Snake Necklace

    e.g., Please specify the colors you want and the color of the Snake Clasp.

    This Coral Snake inspired necklace was created by braiding strands of C-Lon cord with Black, Red and Yellow seed beads. Thehe 6 o glass beads were threaded on eight black colored nylon cords. The strands were then placed on a round kumihimo loom and braided to create this beautiful necklace. I finished the necklace with a gold plated Snake Clasp.

    This flexible necklace can be created in a number of lengths and can be double or triple wrapped and worn as a bracelet. Please give a week for this necklace to be created.  If you want this necklace in another color please identify it as you check out.  

    Earrings for this necklace are available in either pierced or clip ons.

    Kumihimo is an ancient Japanese art. Strands are braided in a circular motion on a round loom. The kumihimo necklaces take several hours to braid. It just depends on the beads and the length of the necklace, but I really enjoy making these handmade necklaces.