• Cozy Coed Cardigan


    This sweater is called the Cozy Coed Cardigan.  It is a very warm and comfortable sweater.  This sweater is hand crocheted.  It is unisex and can be tailer made to fit any body type.  The sizes go from Small to 4 XL.  The sweater in the photo is 3 XL and it is made with the Caron Big Cake yarn.  The sweater can be made with or without buttons, please indicate when ordering. 

    I take additional body measurements after you order the sweater such as sleeve length, chest size and hip size to insure that the sweater is a custom fit.  The yarn is made out of Acrylic and is hand washable.  However, if you want a particular yarn type please let me know.

    When ordering the sweater please feel free to indicate the colors that you would like and call, (804) 539-1927, or email me, cynthia@cynsrichdesigns.com, with specific design ideas, buttons, pockets, etc.  This is YOUR sweater and I want to design it with You in mind.

    The original designer of this pattern is Ashlea Konecny.  Her website is Heart Hook Home and she designs the most beautiful patterns.  However, what I like to do is take her pattern and add a little something "Extra" that makes the design one of a kind.

    Please allow one month to complete the sweater and for shipping.