• I Love AKA Necklace and Earring Set


    This stunning handmade Kumihimo necklace is made with size 6 Pink and Green glass seed beads, high quality 1 millimeter C-Lon cord and strong clasps.  This necklace has been braided using the 8 element Kongoh Gumi technique. To produce this necklace, over 2000 seed beads were used.  The clasps and metal elements are Nickel Free.
    This necklace is a Love Knot.  The Lovers Knot is a stylized knot regarded as a symbol of the constancy of two lovers  The necklace consists of two pieces which can be worn together as shown.  Worn together the necklaces measures 18 inches.
    This set comes with matching earrings that are also Kumihimo braided and have a white peal dangle.  The earrings are three inches long.  They can be ordered as either pierced or clip on.  Please identify which you would like when placing your order.
    Kumihimo is an ancient Japanese art. Strands are braided in a circular motion on a round loom. The kumihimo necklaces take several hours to braid. It just depends on the beads and the length of the necklace, but I really enjoy making these handmade necklaces.